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Luthie West originally published the story of Spiritdancer under the title, The Blade Dancer, in 2012. Having co-written it with friend, she dared not revise his words from the manuscript when left on her own to do so. Therefore as she likes to say, "It was a good story, badly written."
In 2016 she found the coauthor on Facebook and told him she desired to rewrite it. He then released all rights to her. She unpublished the previous book. In five years it sold less than a handful that she had not bought herself.
Luthie began a rewrite with the intention of making it a new book. This was accomplished by removing, changing and adding many scenes and infusing more depth to the characters. Revising every phrase, paragraph and page into her own words, she succeeded in creating Spiritdancer: the Blade of Baresi, publishing it on October 10, 2020 in ebook formats and subsequently on December 22, 2020, in paperback.
"I added a map to the printed version and removed the table of contents, which is in the ebook for convenience," she explains. "The Rekinnder lexicon in the back of the book was always mine and my invention. I intend to write two more books to create a trilogy and also have some ideas for a spin-off." 

Luthie M West



This epic tale takes place in the fantasy world of Iasegald. The Baresian swordsman, Kallias, pursues his sister's kidnappers into the strange land of Marisko, where nearbeasts and sea monsters hunt men. He meets Dealla, a woman of the changeling race of rekinnder. With her and a mystic named Guin, they rescue a handful of other kidnapped women and train them as an army to go up against the mad magician Yungir, who holds Asadia, the Baresian's sister.
The Rekinnder language is used by Dealla throughout the book. There is a Rekinnder lexicon and dictionary in the back of the book as well as some select translations not explained in the body of the book.


This epic tale takes place in the fantasy world of Iasegald.
The story begins with the Baresian swordsman, Kallias, laying in a small skiff. He has pursued his sister's kidnappers, who sailed a longship not too unlike the Norsemen of our own history.
With bits of flashbacks, the story of the raid on his village by the Bloodfish Navy unravels.
Kallias has landed on the shore of the land of Marisko, where he encounters the creatures that have been only legends in his land of Baresi, among them is a spirit guide of the forests.
This guide, he names Spiritdancer, is in fact, Dealla, a rekinnder changeling, who he later learns is a creature hated and feared by the locals.

Kallias also engages in his quest an ex-Bloodfish Navy mystic named Guin, the mortal enemy of the rekinnder.
The trio rescue a handful of other kidnapped women. Kallias's sister, Asadia is not among them. But a seer, Talek, sends Kallias to a ship where his sister is sequestered, awaiting a trip north to the dreaded mystic, Yungir.
The rescue attempt is thwarted by the captain, Maltax, and Kallias is thrown overboard to the sharks.
The adventurers, now a small company of nine, hide out in an area at the point of the peninsula and make their rescue plans. Kallias, Guin and eventually Dealla, train the women to fight with swords and arrows. Their stay on the Point of the Gald is not without its dangers. In addition, the group strip a wrecked longship to build a small vessel to sail to Durgrinstar.
Throughout the story, Dealla speaks only Rekinnder. Roselana befriends her and learns enough of the language to become her interpreter, though not always getting the translation right.

In Durgrinstar Kallias and the women are imprisoned as Yungir attempts to strip Dealla of what he believes are her magical powers. Guin and Asadia effect the prisoner's escape and a fight ensues. Dealla is rescued as is Asadia.
It seems they may lose their lives as the Bloodfish Navy use rifles and flintlocks and Yungir wages his battle with spells of fire. But it turns around when Dealla transforms into a giant fire elemental
Their win is not without losses. The wixxon nearbeast creatures build a tall tower like funeral pyre for the dead.
They all return to the Point of the Gald when it is discovered that Dealla is with child and must remain near her nest until the babe can travel.
There is a Rekinnder lexicon and dictionary in the back of the book as well as some select translations not explained in the body of the book.  


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