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Spiritdancer: the Blade of Baresi is meant to be the first book of a trilogy. Though I am currently working on another book that is NOT part of the series, the other two books of the trilogy are in their beginning stages.

Each book will have the Rekinnder Lexicon (my invented language for Dealla's race of rekinnder) in the back with an increasing word list in the dictionary of each subsequent title. 


Spiritdancer: the Blade of Baresi

Are you sick and tired of the same old fantasy?

Well, Spiritdancer is not your average sword and sorcery; it is a beautifully crafted tale of epic proportions

Get your copy today! The adventure awaits!


Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi

Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi is an epic sword and sorcery fantasy placed in the world of Iasegald. The Baresian swordsman, Kallias, pursues his sister's kidnappers into the strange land of Marisko, where near beasts and sea monsters hunt men.

Here the last of the rekinnder race, a beautiful changeling named Dealla, leads Kallias on his journey. Determined to quell a local prophecy, Kallias trains an unusual army to fight against the forces of the mad magician who holds his sister.

Enter the world of Iasegald. Meet the exotic Dealla and even learn her language. Get your copy today! The adventure awaits!


About the lore of Iasegald, a land ruled by swords

The Blade of Baresi is an epic sword and sorcery fantasy placed in the world of Iasegald, where magic works and near beasts and sea monsters hunt men.

The Baresian swordsman, Kallias, is chasing his sister's kidnappers into the strange land of Marisko when he learns that Dealla, the last of her kind, has been tasked with stopping him from quelling a local prophecy.

He trains an unusual army to fight against the forces of the mad magician who holds his sister.

They'll become privy to the secrets of an ancient rekinnder race and the power of unusual magic.

Enter an exotic world of forbidden magic, ancient rituals, mythical beasts and sea monsters.

The adventure awaits!


Luthie M West


Jack of all trades ... (Don't read any gender bias into that, please.)
author/artist/actor/director/teacher and creator of Little Cabbagehead Books, has been dubbed "the fun one" in her extended family. Perhaps that is because Luthie enjoys going to parties and telling stories she invents upon the spot or because of her passion for stage performance!

Among her many past occupations are animal trainer, dog groomer, lithographer, dental technician, singer, all the things listed above and a host of ordinary jobs like receptionist and waitress. Such a variety of undertakings has given her an unusual combination of experiences, many of which find their way into her stories.
But Luthie's research takes her even further.

Besides her children's picture books, Luthie writes early adult fantasy. Her most recently published novel, Spiritdancer: the Blade of Baresi, sent her on an adventure in research. She learned about boat building from discussions with a boat builder and she learned the fatal mistakes of swordplay when she took a class in Amazare, the Italian martial art of sword fighting. She will go to many lengths for realism.

After her children were grown, Luthie engaged in online role playing games. It was the easiest way to be invited to parties, virtual ones. She continued telling stories but wanted more.
Now her stories are made available to a much wider audience via her books. Come relax with a good book. Read to your children or to yourself. Disappear into imagined worlds where anything is possible!
Come, come quickly! The adventure awaits! 


Author's About

Luthie M West currently lives with her husband in the beautiful state of Oregon. She grew up in a big family being the second of seven children and has two-point-five adult children of her own, who began learning to read at the age of two years.

Once a teacher of English, Creative Writing, American Sign Language, and Art in secondary public and private schools, her first love is entertaining as a stage performer and storyteller. Her multi-faceted background has given her a wealth of experience that translates into incredibly captivating fantasy fiction.

"It is not always obvious to parents what impressions they have made on their children. The parent-child bond, developed by reading together, is immeasurable in terms of its influence on a child's future." Luthie explains, "When I was five years old, my mother read a story to us that she had written. Sure, I loved that she read to us, but I really loved that she wrote that one," she relates."So, I did the same with my own children, read favorite books to them, but also shared my own songs and stories. And I've seen them develop into very creative adults because of it."

Luthie has told countless stories, many created on the spur of the moment, at parties and events for children and adults. Now she has written them down in order to share them with families everywhere. "There are three ways to get into the part of a character," she adds. "Act in some performance of a story or play someone wrote; read a story that someone wrote; and write the stories for someone else to act or read. I have loved doing all three. More importantly, I love that I can bring happy moments to others."

In 2017, Luthie M West wrote and published four children's picture books. Today, Luthie is working on two young adult novels.


With each book Luthie M West seeks to entertain. Spiritdancer: the Blade of Baresi is meant to stir the imagination and engage audiences in the epic world, the characters and the invented language of Rekinnder. Spiritdancer is meant to be a trilogy series with possibly one spin-off book which follows one of the supporting characters.

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